´╗┐And then as soon as we can shake through putting a staff together,Ndamukong Suh Jersey talking to guys here, if I end up finding the right offensive coordinator that eventually I feel like I could turn the play calling over,Andrew Luck Jersey then that's the direction we'll head. But as far as right now,Stefon Diggs Jersey I will be the play caller." We have seen great offensive and defensive coordinators rise up through the ranks but then ultimately fail as head coach.Emmanuel Sanders Jersey They got to the top of the mountain by running their unit with precision and efficiency and yes, just about every one of them called plays in their coordinator role.Brian Hoyer Jersey So, why give that up when you get to the top of the mountain?Sean Davis Jersey Think about it. You are the only graphic designer in a company.Martellus Bennett Jersey You create fantastic pieces of art over a consistent amount of time and you eventually get promoted to the CEO position because the owner of the company sees your talent, drive and determination.Jimmy Graham Jersey Now, as the CEO,Luke Kuechly Jersey do you put your trust into someone you hire from the outside to continue your excellence or do you still create pieces of work? One might think that as the CEO,Nelson Agholor Jersey you now have different responsibilities and the easy answer is to hire someone. But in reality, the reason why the company is thriving is because of your work. Put your trust into someone else or continue to do it your way to ensure the success of your company? I know which one I'm picking and it appears that Gase feels the same way.